There is common problem for new Epson printers.

After firmware update by internet - printer will not recognize NOT ORIGINAL cartridge chips.

So if you use CISS or Refillable cartridges - you use not original chips.

If you allow printer make firmware update from Epson server - you will get this problem.

Printer cant see cartridges.

The solution is - to make firmware DownGrade.

You can do it by WIC utility.

Firmware downgrade requires Firmware Key!

To check if your printer model is supported - find your model in Supported Printers List tab and point mouse to

Firmware Downgrade by WIC Reset Utility

Please note that due to the technical constraints firmware update in normal operating mode is not possible if printer has any errors or ink cartridges is unrecognized or empty.

WIC Reset Utility has availability for some printer models to make them Chipless.

What does it mean?

Printer will show 100% ink level all time you use it.

You can get out ink cartridges or just IC Chips and printer will print as usual.

Once You change printers firmware to Chipless Firmware - the printer will not need to reset ink cartridges, printer will not need to use Auto Reset Chips or CISS Chips - no one type of ink cartridges chips will be required anymore!

Supported models:

WorkForce WF-7610/7611

WorkForce WF-7620/7621

WorkForce WF-7110/7111

WorkForce WF-2750/2751

WorkForce WF-2650/2651

WorkForce WF-3540/3541

WorkForce WF-3620/3621

WorkForce WF-3640/3641

WorkForce Pro WF-4630

Epson Workforce WF-5620

Epson Workforce WF-5110/5190

Epson Workforce WF-8010

SureColor SC-P400, SC-P407, SC-P408





XP-243, XP-245, XP-247


XP-342, XP-345, XP-347