While searching for information on resetting the absorber pad counters in EPSON and CANON printers using the Wic Reset Utility program, you may come across offers for a free key provided after leaving a positive review on Google or liking the page on Facebook. This is a low-cost tactic to gather positive feedback and expand the audience for advertisements. The code offered in this way is provided by the software manufacturer to verify whether the ink absorber reset operation will succeed in our printer.

Following the INSTRUCTION, use the word TRIAL when the program prompts for the key. If the counter value is reduced by approximately 10%, and the printer becomes unlocked, we can be confident that after applying the purchased code from our store fullmanuals.com, the indicator will again show 0%.

Therefore, we respond to the frequently asked question: Is there a free key code for the Wic Reset Utility program? YES, THERE IS, and you don't need to like or leave positive comments. Just use the word TRIAL :)